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- Edition 3 -

Welcome to the Third Edition of Spatial's Product Insights Series. A monthly digest pulling together some of the latest and greatest products from across the Commercial Real Estate sectors.

Each month we highlight several interesting products spanning the interior spaces for the Workplace, Hotel & Leisure and Bar & Restaurant. From Lighting to Heating, Flooring and Kitchens to WC's, Furniture and PropTech, we have it all covered.

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Lavoro height adjustable desk range
Photo credit: Lavoro Design

Lavoro: Height Adjustable Desks

Lavoro, the up and coming British manufacturer, is making waves in the industry with their advanced height adjustable desks at affordable prices.

These advanced desks feature a sturdy and high quality dual motor system with anti-collision detection and many accessory options. Their “Advance” desks have the largest height variation in the range making them great for standing — even for the tallest of those in your workforce. They can lower to an incredible 640mm, which also makes them perfect for wheelchair users and so broadens the potential use in any office environment.

The Advance height adjustable desks from Lavoro are beautifully well made, come complete with a 5 year guarantee and are rated for 10,000 cycles fully loaded. Available in several finishes and configurations, this marvellously simple product is perfectly suited for use in any office space. And what's more, they're available for Next Day Delivery! It's a Win Win.

(If you'd like to know more about Lavoro and their desk offering, simply get in touch)

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Thorlux Cloud - Quirky and nice design adding fun to
                lighting a workspace
Photo credit: Thorlux Lighting

Thorlux Cloud

Thorlux's Cloud lighting is a high performance LED feature luminaire manufactured from rotationally moulded, high strength UV stable polyethylene which gives it its unique cloud visual effect. It's designed to create inspirational spaces whilst also providing functional lighting. The Thorlux Cloud is ideal for atriums and large open areas in such applications as: reception areas, shopping centres, education, retail and even play centres. It's lighting chamber is sealed to prevent any ingress of dust or insects and so helps maintain its pristine appearance all year round.

This superb suspended cloud feature has a very high efficiency and a long lifespan. Readily available with outputs between 4,000 and 11,000 lumens, there is also a ColourActive version if you require it. Rated at IP40, the LED light engine can provide 100,000 hour life (Cloud 4, 4CA & 7) or 50,000 hour life (Cloud 10) at 4000K (Cloud 4CA 3,000k - 6,500K) — and it is supplied finished with 4.5m flying lead and height adjustable wire suspensions. Furthermore, being fully manufactured in the United Kingdom, all the control gear and LED circuit boards are readily replaceable for any future maintenance.

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Nora® Norament® Castello natural rubber flooring
Photo credit: Nora® by Interface

nora® - Norament® 926 Castello

The amazing Norament® Castello rubber flooring from nora® is made of high-quality natural and sustainable industrial rubbers. They are combined with minerals from natural sources and environmentally compatible colour pigments. This together helps to create superbly durable rubber floors which are available in two primary types of floor coverings: norament® tiles (which are pressed under high pressure, making them a very dense, closed surface and so extremely resistant to wear and supports fast and easy cleaning); noraplan® sheets (which are available in rolls or tiles).

Norament® Castello's timeless design, resembling limestone, is both exciting and elegant, bringing a touch of classical luxury to any environment. The Castello rubber flooring has a slightly structured two-tone surface combined with an irregular grain design and modern marbling. What's surprising about it is that no two tiles are the same – each tile is totally unique. The material is resilient and robust enough to withstand the test of time, and as a testament to this, Castello comes with a fantastic 15 year warranty.

The Norament Castello rubber flooring solution is perfect for very heavy usage areas with high footfall. It has a very decent sound absorption rate of 10 dB; a R9-slip resistance certification; is free of PVC, phthalate plasticizers and halogens; and has increased safety thanks to its high fire-retardant properties. Castello can be installed jointless and no additional coatings are needed. A marvellous product indeed.

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Wall Coverings

Newmor Lambris Digital Wall Covering - shown in Chalk
Photo credit: Newmor

Newmor - Trompe-l’œil

Trompe-l’œil is brand new custom range from British wallcovering Manufacturer, Newmor. Released in February '21, this is a trend-led set of contemporary designs focusing on traditional style, but with a twist.

French in origin, "Trompe-l'œil" translates as 'to deceive the eye'. It's an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. This new collection from Newmor features convincing traditional and contemporary panelled effects, curiosities and trellis effects all digitally printed on high quality substrates. You have full control to recolour, resize and print onto any of Newmor's wallcoverings to your specific requirements. This can include any metallics, colours, textures, and even window films!

The new collection spans 4 ranges: Chateau is a traditional wood panel design that can be recoloured to suit your scheme and looks extra convincing printed onto one of Newmor's textured backgrounds. Lambris is a contemporary take on the trend and it's sharp panelling adds a minimalistic and clean look to any wall. Birds and botanical motifs adorn the Menagerie range where the imagery within the frames can be changed to anything you'd like – such as monkeys, faces or botanical imagery if that takes your fancy! And the final range to the collection is Treillage, a decorative 3D trellis effect with a subtle tactile stone background texture.

The new wallcoverings are all rated for commercial interiors and feature deep embosses, textile effects, damasks, traditional and contemporary panels, and trellises. They are highly durable, scrubbable, can withstanding chlorine releasing cleaning agents and are suitable for high traffic areas. Perfect for hotels, hospitality, office, retail, marine, aviation and high-end residential environments.

Newmor - Trompe-l'oeil Collection of Commercial Digital
                Wall paper
A sample of the many different potential designs. Photo credit: Newmor
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BenQ's brilliant wireless presentation hardware system -
Photo credit: BenQ

BenQ - InstaShow™ Wireless Presentation

For some reason, the office world seems to default on Clickshare for their wireless presentation system of choice - but you may well ask yourself if there is a suitable alternative? Well, the answer most certainly is an astounding yes!

The simply brilliant InstaShow™ hardware from prominent manufacturer, BenQ, is one of the easiest wireless presentation devices you could use! It is literally Plug-And-Play with a one button press to start a full HD presentation - and the most beautiful thing about it besides it's elegant design and build, there's absolutely NO software to install!

As it's primarily a hardware solution, this means it's infinitely more compatible across multiple devices. You can now present properly and more fluently, not only from the usual Windows and Mac devices, but also Chromebooks, iPads and more. It takes mere seconds to start presenting wirelessly. There is no software at all to install, configure or execute, so this alone will reduce significant downtime and the often awkward and uncomfortable silences when frantically fiddling with the device trying to kick off a productive meeting.

InstaShow™ requires a zero learning curve. Anyone that tries it will immediately know how to use it for collaborative presentations. Any business, even those without a Wi-Fi infrastructure, can deploy InstaShow™ for their employees and visitors to enjoy simple and quick wireless presentations without having to spend ages setting up or installing any additional software.

InstaShow™ is also enterprise ready and comes with 128-bit AES encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol ensuring that any corporate intellectual property remains private and safe from tampering or unintended disclosure. The system significantly boosts corporate productivity by maximising time and teamwork, and, because it has no software to configure or update and no OS compatibility to maintain, InstaShow™ is virtually free from unnecessary IT support or complicated network integrations.

Finally, the pièce de résistance of InstaShow™ is it's amazing response latency lag for Presentation Video and Animation Input of less than 100ms. This enables natural, precise mouse movements and smooth execution of animations and transitions for those all important and professional-looking presentations. Corporate presenters and participants can now concentrate on their meeting without having to fear about laggy and janky presentations or waiting for the presentation screen to catch up with their laptop. Instead, they will just have smoothly flowing content. Now that's a Win Win for everyone.

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