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- Edition 2 -

Welcome to the Second Edition of Spatial's Product Insights Series. A monthly digest pulling together some of the latest and greatest products from across the Commercial Real Estate sectors.

Each month we highlight several interesting products spanning the interior spaces for the Workplace, Hotel & Leisure and Bar & Restaurant. From Lighting to Heating, Flooring and Kitchens to WC's, Furniture and PropTech, we have it all covered.

In This Months Edition


Stunning Architecturally designed Explora Star Light by
Photo credit: Hacel Lighting

Explora Star Pendant Lights

The exclusive Explora Star LED Pendant luminaire is an artistic choice for producing a unique lighting statement. As part of the Explora range, the Explora Star showcases a translucent yet reflective design offering direct and indirect lighting.

Furthermore, the elegant LED pendant can be linked to create an array of imaginative configurations and arrangements. There is also a complementary Wall Light available along with Wireless Lighting Control possibilities.

With outputs of up to 5460 lumens, each light has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and colour stability and efficaces within 3 MacAdams and 88 lm/W respectively - making this architectually designed lighting solution perfectly suited for open spaces, hallways or receptions.

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Milliken Colour Compositions - shows carpet planks in grey
                and colour layout in a modern minimalistic house setting.
Photo credit: Milliken Carpets

Colour Compositions

The Colour Compositions collection from flooring manufacturer extraordinaire, Milliken Carpets, provides inspired, harmonious and balanced finishes allowing challenging and unexpected patterns and designs to be created. The range is an exploration of colour and form by enhancing a balanced relationship of scale, shape, rhythm and pattern.

Milliken are extremely environmentally conscious and they manufacture the carpets using 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn derived from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials. This results in an overall recyceled content of around 74%. The range is BRE Certified and is eligible for LEED® points to satisfy your commitments.

Finally, Milliken offer responsible end of life re-use, which is assured with the option to return your used Colour Compositions carpet through Milliken’s Re-Vision Carpet Take Back programme. A Win-Win for all.

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Wall Coverings

Allsfar - Tex Acoustic Wall Tiles afixed to partition wall
                in a defined pattern.
Photo credit: Allsfar

Tex - Acoustic Tiles

This wonderfully affordable acoustic tile range, produced by UK Manufacturer, Allsfar, is hard-wearing and versatile and comes in a plethora of shapes, sizes and colours to match your every need;

The 22 different designs and 17 vibrant colour variants give you complete creative control over the design layout of the tiles. The rectangular tiles alone could be applied in a brick, herringbone, linear, vertical, horizontal or diagonal pattern and the range of 17 vibrant colours make it easy to match existing furnishings and reflect client branding if necessary.

The Tex acoustic tiles help with sound absorption and are a great way to manage noise in offices and other commercial buildings; They aid in the reduction of reverberation and help to create suitable acoustic comfort for any occupants - not to mention the wonderful visual impact they ensue.

Allsfar - Tex Acoustic Wall Tile design patterns
A sample of the many different potential designs. Photo credit: Allsfar

They are available in 12mm and 24mm thicknesses and are made from 60% recycled PET (from used plastic bottles). Being 100% Recyclable at end of their life, they have low VOCs, a superb Noise Reducing Coefficient (NRC) and come with a generous 5-year Manufacturer’s guarantee. You can't go far wrong with these little known gems.

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Special Mention

The Hyperion Anti-viral Lighting Panel Solution by Burland
Photo credit: Burland

Burland Hyperion Anti-viral Lighting

The newly released Hyperion 600x600 lighting panel uses Titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a photocatalyst to generate an area of Photocatalytic Oxidation that is able to inactivate pathogens (such as bacteria and viruses).

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been widely used as a photocatalyst in many environmental and energy applications due to its efficient photoactivity, high stability, low cost and safety to the environment and to humans. The fantastic Hyperion lighting solution utilises this technology, and in doing so mitigates having to use UVC light like many other solutions do. This makes the lights suitable for daily, occupied office use. A perfect addition to any office-space in order to help create a Covid-Safe environment for your clients or employees.

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