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Spatial Environments Dilapidation Services

The Spatial Dilapidation Service is designed to allow either Landlord or Tenant to restore a property to an original state as per their contracted “Schedule of Dilapidations“.

The Spatial Dilapidation Service is a Dilapidation Works solution for both Landlords or outgoing Tenants who need to return a premises to a suitable condition. Our dilapidation works service is a full design and build managed solution which often takes 40% less time to turnaround than other traditional methods. Furthermore, it is a much cheaper option than bringing in a multitude of different trades separately.

Ultimately, this complimentary service returns the property to a suitable condition after a tenancy has concluded so that it is ready for the next occupier.

For the outgoing Tenant, our Dilapidation Service could save you thousands compared to being charged by the Landlord retrospectively.

For the Landlord, our Dilapidation Service gives you the best chance of turning the property around within a tight deadline ready for your next Tenant lease. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to improve upon the state of the property and bring it up to modern standards so as to increase the chances of attaining a premium tenant.

Tenant Benefits

  • Ensuring you meet your leasehold agreements of returning the space to its original condition.
  • Keeping tighter control on costs associated with dilapidation works;
  • Reducing overall cost of dilapidation work compared to Landlord charges.
  • Work can be financed if necessary.
  • You can off-set the dilapidation cost savings against your new office fit-out;
  • Works completed in time for the end of the lease so as to avoid expensive Landlord fees;

Landlord and Agent Benefits

  • Fast turnaround. Get the property back on the market quicker and reduce the potential of a property being vacant.
  • Increase your floor space with our Mezzanine flooring solutions
  • Reduce your overall costs by using a fully managed turnkey solution.

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