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Acoustic Surveys by Spatial

Sometimes, the level of noise around your workspace can reach epic proportions, preventing you from doing the job in hand.

Phones blaring; staff chattering; fax machines bleeping; all these noises reverberating off the walls and ceiling making it difficult for you to work effectively.

At Spatial, we take office noise pollution seriously. The acoustic requirement for workspaces has become a key priority and a legal requirement in recent years and is part of the Health & Safety Executive. Our acoustic panels and noise dampening solutions allow us to get your working environment back to a more manageable sound level.

The Spatial Acoustic Survey will check the level of noise pollution and make sure your workspace is within the regulated allowance for office noise levels. The survey will uncover any offending zones and provide you with a solution to your sound pollution issues.

We provide an extensive range of aesthetic acoustic wall coverings, ceiling tiles and innovative wall panels and we have the ability to tailor acoustic solutions by not only controlling “room acoustics” but by reducing reverberation levels; combining this when necessary with sound barrier treatments to help control “room to room” acoustic issues

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